HPCC 2015-2017 Strategic Plan

The 2015-2017 HPCC Strategic Plan was developed by the HPCC Board of Directors in support of the Mission: To Advance Expert Care in Serious Illness.  Initial work on Strategic Planning identified major areas of focus as Revenue/Growth; Engagement; and Strategic Partnerships.


Objective: Increase initial applicants for ACHPN and CHPN

2017 Goal: 50% increase


  • Implement marketing program for growth
  • Develop and implement marketing program related to certification value


Objective:  Increase the recertification rate for ACHPNs and CHPNs

2017 Goal: 90% of ACHPNs renew credential: 60% of CHPNs renew credential


  • Fully operationalize the online recertification platform
  • Develop and implement education specific to the renewal requirements and process
  • Develop and implement marketing program related to certification value

Strategic Partnerships  

Objective:  Develop a strategic collaborative partnerships plan

2017 Goal:  Strategic Partnership Plan and Advancing Expert Care Campaign, sustained


  • Implement formalized criteria and processes by which strategic collaborative partnerships are identified, prioritized, engaged, evaluated and sustained or retired


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HPCC is the only nursing specialty that certifies all members of the nursing team as well as administrators and perinatal loss care professionals. Over 18,000 hospice and palliative health professionals are certified by HPCC throughout the United States.

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